Saturday, March 21, 2015

Procrastinator ! ! !

Procrastination, I'm good at it.

I've been putting off posting a pic of my Fair Isle Practice piece.

Don't get me wrong.  I enjoyed this bit of learning
and have adopted this method of taking care of the 'floats' on the back of my work
while carrying one yarn across a number of stitches.

But just didn't want to post a photo to the blog
that I'm not in love with.

The class is on CreativeBug
and is taught by Brandon Mably.
His classes can be found by clicking on the link toward the bottom of the CreeativeBug home page under "Instructors".

Since I used fingering weight yarn and small needles instead of the 
worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles in the tutorial
the pattern on the front side does not impress me.
Much too large a pattern for such a small area.
The suggested use of making 'magic balls' of yarn from leftover scraps
was not to my usual way of choosing colors. 
The contrast in the beginning rows isn't to my liking.
After seeing that
I just went to my leftovers to pick and use
colors with enough contrast 
to tell the background from the flowers.
At any rate, here it is .

Enough Procrastination ! ! !

As you can see contrast is non-existent in several rows in the beginning [bottom of pic].

The gaping hole in the center flower 
[first row of flowers]
I didn't see it until two or three rows later.
- the instructor of this class, said not to worry,
no ripping back,
just continue and learn from it.

Now the back is a whole 'nother matter.
The beginning rows aren't so great
but just look at those rows in the second half of this swatch.
Very neat, indeed ! ! !

No Looking For A Darning Needle
No Weaving in All Those Pesky Ends

All of that is taken care of by 
knitting in the end of the old yarn
 and the beginning of the new yarn
as the rows are worked.
Just maybe a snip or two along the way.

I'm impressed on how easily Brandon was able to show me how to do this technique.
I had tried this particular way of carrying the floats
but it just didn't take.
Now I can use this in just about any piece I knit.

This orange-cuff sock is just another version of my previous Broken Seed Stitch sox.
Just replacing the cuff color from the white does change the entire look.
I think I love it ! ! ! ! 

Our temp this afternoon
is a balmy 71 degrees F 

I think we can live with that.

We're sitting here in the dining room
keeping eye on the birdies feeding
from our deck feeders.
Oh, I don't want to not mention 
that dang pesky squirrel
who thinks all the 
premium black sunflower seeds
were set out just for him.

The grass is definitely turning green
and soon Spring Blossoms will abound.

hugs 'n smiles,

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fair Isle Practice

Seems I don't have many solid color sock yarn leftovers.
This practice project call for solid color yarn in as many colors possible.
This all I could gather.

I'll work with what I have since this is a practice.
If my swatch turns out decent
and I like the technique 
I'll consider purchasing small skeins of various colors. 

The step after assembling solids is to make two 'magic balls'.
One from the light colors and another from the dark.
These 'magic balls' are made with arms' length of each color. 
The aim is to place pleasing colors next to each other and knot them together to form a small ball.

Here's my light magic ball.

Brandon Mably showed how he knits the yarn ends as he adds each new color,
thus no need to find a darning needle to weave in those pesky ends.
I'll be casting on and knitting a practice swatch.

Photos will follow just as soon as my swatch is far enough along to show some progress.
I think this is going to be a fun practice.

* * *
I don't know whether to think that Spring is actually here or if Mother Nature is playing a trick on us.
The temps yesterday and today are what are called Marvelous.
Mid to high sixties had us opening windows and doors.
The forecasters are saying we'll be able to enjoy such weather for the next seven or so days.
We can only hope.
Heck, we still have snow at the end of our driveway.

hugs 'n smiles

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scrappy Four-Color Sox are a Done Deal! !

These were fun to knit ! ! ! 
Every color a scrap leftover from previous sox.
Lots of ends to weave in and trim.

However, this week I did watch a
Brandon Mably instructional video
on knitting using several different yarns
in a piece - such as FairIsle knitting.
Had I watched this video a week earlier
those loose ends at the beginning and ending
of a yarn would not have been so tedious.

Brandon Mably
- an associate of Kaffee Fassett, THE MASTER of color in my eyes -
taught not a new method to me
but taught it in a way that made it easy for me to learn.

I'm so excited about this new knowledge that my next project will be one using many pieces of scrap yarn and knitting them in as they are
added using class material provided by this instructional video
There are videos on a variety of subjects,
stop by there may be something that catches your fancy.

Tomorrow I'll post the beginning of my new learning project.

*  *  *  *  *
Our temp right now is 59 degrees F.
YaaaHoooo ! ! ! ! 

hugs 'n smiles,

Monday, March 2, 2015

Scrappy Sox

My current sox on the needles.
This pair is made from the leftover yarn from
Go For The Green sox
Neon Blue sox
and the grey is from a pair of sox I made a couple of years ago.

Knit cuff down and an afterthought heel is planned as you can see the pink waste yarn marking the heel.
I hope to finish these by tomorrow evening so that I can post a finished pair Thursday.  Fingers crossed.

We've had our 6" snow yesterday.
Today streets - and parking lots - are dry.
Even got the car washed this afternoon.
Boy, was it good to get all that road dirt off
and a shining clean car to drive.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain !

hugs 'n smiles,

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Broken Seed Stitch Sox II

Love the way the color turned out!
Used a scrap mini skein that lasted well into the foot area.
Made this pair a bit snugger than the first pair and like the fit.

Have already cast on another pair for Hubby.
Stripey sox with leftover from recent leftover colors.

Snow has been predicted for this afternoon and overnight.
Last time snow was predicted we received exactly 14 flakes.
At least there's still ice melt salt still on the front porch and step.

hugs 'n smiles,

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunshine and Sox

The sun is shining but as you can see the temp is not all that warm.

When I was putting some correspondence in the mail box at the street earlier this morning
it wasn't that cold out 
unlike yesterday when the temps were in the low 20s
and I swear it was the coldest, cold day we've had this winter.
THE day for wearing all the handknits possible 
hat, cowl, cardigan , mitts and sox.

Speaking of sox.
A second pair of the Broken Seed Stitch Sox is on the needles.
I'm lovin' this pattern and the results.

You may notice each sock has their on needle.
What with using two ball of yarn at a time,
it is much easier to have each them on their on own needle.
I'm still knitting them in somewhat of a two-at-a-time manner with an inch or so on one sock and then on the other.
They seem to go fairly fast,
probably because the pattern is a simple one
and now that I have inserted the waste yarn to mark where the afterthought heel goes and only the instep portion is in pattern it IS smooth sailing.

The neat thing about this pattern is 
that I can modify the pattern to knit either toe up, 
or as this pair is, cuff down.  

Since I am using scraps or mini skeins
as long as the yarn lasts until the cuff and leg portion 
is finished to the point I place the afterthought waste yarn marker I'm a happy camper.  
That way the pattern shows above my shoe and the foot portion can be any color or pattern.

Luckily the yarn I'm using is enough to last well into the foot of the sox . . . . .
so far : ^ )


The weather being what it is
this afternoon will be just the time to finish our audiobook by John Sandford.

Have a good one.

hugs 'n smiles

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tri-Color Infinity Scarf

Winter has finally come to mid-Missouri.
In celebration of  it's arrival
I decided to knit a scarf to keep me extra warm for the duration.
Selected three yummy colors from my Yarn Stash 
- Conch, Tapistry and Smudge -
in a blend of 70% Merino,  20% Cashmere 
and 10% Nylon 
Ever so lovely for snuggling.

Rather than leaving it as one long scarf
I grafted the ends together to make it an infinity scarf.

Seems we're in for an icy/snow mix overnight and into tomorrow.
A good day to stay home and listen to our newest audiobook.

hugs 'n smiles

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