Sunday, September 21, 2014

Four in Forty

Can you belive it ?
Four Pair of Sox in Forty Days ! ! ! !

First came 'Brown Stripes':

Then came 'Spats':

'Blue Neon':

Last night
'Go For The Green':

This adventure began
August 12, 2014
'Brown Stripe'
continuing through late last evening
with the grafting of the heels
'Go For The Green'


Forty days and Forty nights -

Sox For Hubby.

Well, must run.
Time to cast on
'Mine Shaft'.
Another pair for Hubby.



Monday, August 18, 2014

Sprössling Off the Needle ! !

It's an Anne Hanson design.

I love it ! !

It has turned out just the way I dreamed it would.

Came off the needle last night.

Just had to wear it today even if the temp is 87°F.

It was a long time in the making with lots of down time and by the time it was completed used just a smidge over 1300 yards ! ! !

Now comes a pullover, Henley-style sweater that was cast on early 2012.

Intagliata designed by Connie Chang Chinchio

Worked in the round from the hem up

it is already knit to an inch or so from the split for armholes.

So it is well on it's way.

I hope to finish this sweater before Fall - fingers crossed.

Well, that's all for today

Other than wishing you all a lovely rest of August.

Stay cool.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Feminine 'n Frilly

It's FINISHED. ! !

All 1,250 yards of it.

A fab crocheted afghan.

Inspired by


Hostess of her own knitting podcast

'Postively Knitting'

On You Tube.

Last Suumer/Autumn she began AND finished!

a Gorgeous afghan

in sooo loverly feminine colors.

I HAD to have one!

Nicole could not be convinenced to part with her's


she graciously pointed me in the direction of the pattern she used.

I am tickled to have mine finished well ahead of any chill in the air arrives.


Our Summer has been the coolest in as long as we've lived here.

Not as much rain as we'd like, or need,

but moderate temps and no humidity until today

when it reached 93%.

I hope you your's has been as nice.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Singer Model 15

I spent the entire day sewing with this big boy.
Compared to the Singer Featherweight machine this guy is BIG ! ! !
Weighing in closer to 30 pounds than the mere 12 pounds of the smaller Featherweight.
And does he sew.

Am working on those triangle blocks for the Spiderweb Quilt.

Sewed along with a couple of episodes of QuiltCam/Bonnie K Hunter.
Listening to her more than watching.
The two of us just stitching quilt blocks.
My Bernina was moved to the other room
to make room for the 15
he doesn't quite fit but does provide
an extended surface area both in front and behind.

A great day sewing.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Foundation Piecing Progress

I'm doing a spiderweb quilt top

Inspired by Bonnie K Hunter

You can find her at her blog: Quiltville

Or on YouTube as Quilt_Cam

Lots of terrific quilting/sewing tips,

Vintage machines,

And friendly chatter,

And, of course, lots of sewing

To keep ya company while

At your own machine.

WHEW !! I've completed just over 100 of the triangle blocks!!

I'm working from scraps gifted me from my long-arm quilter friend several years ago.

Daughter Debbie and I have been using these

pre-cut stripes (~ 1.5" - 2.5" x 4-5")

as leaders and ender while working on other projects. They've been used in several projects over the years.

It's time to finish them off!

I'll be making triangle blocks 'til the scraps run out.

In the end

They'll turn into a quilt somewhat similar to this example

That was on InstaGram



My Mother was born this date in the year 1915.

1915 -1999




Monday, July 14, 2014

One Down

Just finished a gift for the holidays ! !

One of only a very few.

Merino wool, Mulberry Silk and Tencel.

Lovely, soft, with a wonderful drape to it.

All 849 yards of it.

Happy to get off the needles.


RAIN, boy, oh, boy, did we have rain.

We were out driving in it.

Lots of water on the streets.

And, the windshield IS clean now.

Temp is down in the 70's, about to in the 50's overnite.




Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quilt Guild Sponsored Paper-piecing Class

We all assembled promptly at nine a.m. this morning.

Lots of room to spread out.

Our goal was to complete four blocks by end of class.

Deb and Bev discussing the fun of paper-piecing.

(Deb and I have a blast taking classes together.)

Checking the placement of the next piece.

My four complete blocks


By the stroke of high noon.

Okay, it might have be just o a few

Minutes after the last stoke.

Not certain how I'll finish this

Classroom project

By Quilt Guild Tuesday evening.


How is this summer treating ya?

Yesterday's high of 91°F

Wasn't bad at all.

But today's 91°F

Sure enough heated the car up

To the extreme by the time class ended at noon-ish.

Must remember to crack a couple of windows while I'm parked next time.


Must put on my creative cap

For a finish to my paper-piecing

'til next time